Tips for writing an impressive night essay

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Tips for writing an impressive night essay

Elie Wiesel, in his novel Night recounts the horrors of the Holocaust. The biographical book, noticeably controversial in its content, has attracted numerous debates about various parts of the book. Night essays often come up during academic assignments due to the depth of its content and beauty of narration. An essay on the book can be quite interesting to the writer as well as the reader, if the content is well chosen and appropriately-presented.

You can consider various approaches to your essay on Night, depending on the essay prompt and the objective of the assignment. You must also take into consideration the essay length or the page limit of the essay. For example, if you are dealing with a 250 word essay, you must choose an angle which can be compressed into the few words permitted.

Framing an impressive essay on Night

Listed below are some tips which can help you frame your Night essay in a more impressive manner.

The title of the book can be and has been interpreted in many ways. Night or darkness is mostly associated with the fear of the unknown; hence, the title can be associated to the constant fear and uncertainty which the Jewish captives faced. If you have a more interesting perspective on it, you can work on that as well.

The book talks of one of the most sensitive issues of all times- the Holocaust. For the same reason, it has faced a lot of controversy regarding the accuracy of the information included in it. Hence you can try to frame a very effective argumentative essay on the topic, instead of choosing to make it a biography essay, as is commonly done.

In almost all biographies, there are many characters which hold equal significance as the author himself. The same applies to Night also. Including such characters also in your Night essay, instead of focusing only on the main character, is necessary to make the essay impressive.

The story also takes you through the transformation of a blind devotee of God into an atheist who questions the very existence of such a divine power. The author’s experiences with the nazis and with his fellow prisoners force him to consider whether such cruelty and ruthlessness would have been possible if a supreme power existed, leading him to slowly question his own beliefs. You must try to include it in your essay as it forms one of the core elements of the theme.

Writing an essay is not just about reproducing whatever you have learned in the classroom; it is about presenting your perspective or understanding of what was taught. An interesting essay will be that which succeeds in capturing the essence of the topic effectively and presenting the matter in an interesting manner.

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